Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Maemo Mapper 2.6 is now available with APRS support

Maemo Mapper 2.6 is now available with basic APRS support.

There is still a lot more to be added, and a few issues resolved but give it a try...

Maemo-Mapper can either connect to an Internet APRS server, or a KISS TNC.

To setup APRS on Maemo-Mapper:
  • Click on: Menu -> APRS -> APRS Settings...
  • On the APRS tab check 'Enable APRS functionality'
  • On the Station tab enter the following:
  • Callsign: Your Amateur Radio callsign.
  • Beacon Path: This will vary, but should be something like RELAY,WIDE2-2
  • The 'Symbol Group' and 'Symbol' fields will select your transmitted symbol - '/' and 'l' will be a laptop - the '/' selects the primary table, and the 'l' specifies the symbol - see here.
  • On the Internet tab enter the following:
  • Server: The APRS Internet Server to connect to - there is a good list here when choosing a server I suggest you don't select a server that sends you everything, and instead filters the data to stations near you. E.g.
  • Port: This is the port you will connect to the APRS server on - the link above will detail this - note if you are going to use the Automatic position filter (see below) then you may need to select a specific port. E.g. 14580 (for user specified filters)
  • Server Validation: if you don't know your validation code (this is related to your callsign) then enter -1.
  • Enable TX: Check if you which to send your position to the Internet server (note the Internet server will ignore this if you have not got a valid validation code).
  • Filter data: If Enable is checked, and the APRS server will accept a user specified filter this will tell the server to only send you positions of other stations within a specified range of your location. Note - currently this is only sent when you connect to the server, and not updated when you are moving.
  • On the Internet 2 tab:
  • Beacon Internal: The frequency (in seconds) that your position beacon will be sent to the Internet Server (if TX is enabled).
  • Beacon Comment: The comment that will be sent with your position.
  • On the TNC 1 tab:
  • This tab works very similar to the Settings -> GPS tab.
  • A KISS TNC can be connected either via a bluetooth connection or a USB to Serial adapter
  • The TNC must be in KISS mode and be set to 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
  • I am currently using a TinyTrak4 and Bluetooth serial adapter.
  • Enable TX can be used to enable or disable any transmissions on this port.
  • The TNC 2 tab is as the Internet 2 tab

Once the above settings have been entered you have the following options:
  • Menu -> APRS -> Connect to APRS Server - this will connect to the APRS server.
  • Menu -> APRS -> Connect to TNC - This will connect to your TNC, if it is on a bluetooth port Maemo-Mapper will setup the bluetooth connection.
  • Menu -> APRS -> List Stations - this will list all stations heard, and allow you to view more details, or scroll the map to their position.
  • Menu -> APRS -> List Messages - this will list all messages received - currently this is readonly.


Anonymous said...

At least in the US, you probably would want a path like like WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 (no RELAY). See the New N Paradigm (for US). Not sure how it is in the UK, though.

Leao said...

Very nice!.. Love it!
It will be great if it was possible to send messages also!.

Mikeanthony said...

This is working nicely. I am looking forward to the reply messaging being implemented!

Dave K said...

Very nice, I was quite surprised to see APRS support in Maemo-Mapper when I started it up!

I'm hoping to see it on the n900 with better mobile wireless support :)


Administrator said...

May i know Meamo 5 can support APRS for my N900?